Capital Motor Sales, L.L.C. commitment to Cleaning all Vehicles Before and After a Customer Test Drives a Vehicle due to COVID 19 per the C.D.C. Sanitization Guidelines.

  • All customers are asked to wear a mask while following all government mandates regarding COVID 19
  • Ensure social distancing by keeping 6 feet apart at all times and do not shake hands
  • We disinfect all work areas after a customer interaction
  • We disinfect inside and outside door handles and all buttons, center console, seats, floor mats, and instrument panel
  • We disinfect the steering wheel and gear shift and all latches, including exterior trunk latch and gas cap latch
  • We disinfect all seatbelt fasteners, keys, and fobs

You will need to bring your driver's license, proof of liability insurance (Insurance Card, Binder, or Cell Phone Online Coverage), or we have to be able to call your insurance company once you arrive to have an agent verify on the phone that you are insured to test drive one of our vehicles.

Capital Motor Sales L.L.C. staff will encourage you to use your own pen or allow you to keep the pen we supply after you use it to sign all paperwork in or out of our office.  All paperwork can be signed outside or in the safety of your new car as well if you prefer not to sign inside our office. 

Capital Motor Sales L.L.C. tries to limit the number of people inside our office at one time. If possible, please make an appointment and consider limiting your group's size to speed up your wait time due to COVID 19.

Capital Motor Sales L.L.C. staff continually monitors the C.D.C. guidelines and adjust our policies as needed to comply with those guidelines regarding cleaning and hygiene for both the facilities and vehicles.  Capital Motor Sales associates are required to conduct a daily health self-screening before coming to work.  Associates who are ill are required to quarantine for 14 days and stay out of work during this time.

We look forward to providing you with up-front low-cost vehicles and friendly customer service!

"A Return on Experience is Our Expertise"

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